おいしい入れ方 English

A guide how to brew sencha and karigane;

 煎茶の入れ方イラスト1 1.Prepare a required number of teacups.Filling each cup about 1/8 full with hot water.Wait till the water temperature drops down to 70℃(158℉)for sencha and between 80℃(176℉) and 85℃(176℉)for karigane.
 煎茶の入れ方イラスト2  2.Put tea leaves into the teapot between 10g and 15g(2tablespoonfuls for three servings).
 煎茶の入れ方イラスト3  3.Pour hot water,which has cooled down to the temperatures specified above,into the teapot,and let it steep for one minute for sencha and a little bit longer for karigane.
 煎茶の入れ方4  4.Pour the steeped tea into three teacups little by little into each cup alternately and drain it off fully without leaving any drops in the teapot.For the second steep and later steep with the same tea leaves,make steeping time short.

A guide how to brew Asamiya bancha;

番茶のいれ方イラスト1 1.Put 15g of tea leaves(about 3 generous helpings of tablespoonfuls) in the teapot for 5 teacups of serving.
番茶の入れ方イラスト2 2.The amount of water for one teacups is about 130ml.Pour enough boiling water into the teapot and leave it about 30 seconds until the tea steeps in the hot water.
番茶の入れ方イラスト3 3.Pour brewed the alternately into each teacup and strain it fully without leaving any drops in the teapot.

●From second steep and later,you don’t need to wait for steeping.
●When you heat water in the kettle,wait till the water has come to a boil. Put tea leaves and then stop heating to have it ready for serving.
●Bancha can also be drunk as excellent cold brewed tea. Do not cool down its temperature rapidly.Wait for sometime until cools down naturally and then store in the refrigerator.